Let’s speak out about domestic violence under Lockdown

By Nicole Fayard
Artwork by Kezia Merrick


What is your experience?

Would it help to share it?

Have you or your loved-ones been affected by domestic violence during the Covid-19 Lockdown? Have you been concerned about yourself or someone else? Has the atmosphere got worse now that the family is on top of each other all day long? Has the violence got worse?

You are not alone.

Since the lockdown began there has been a significant increase worldwide in reports of domestic violence. The number of women killed by a partner or former partner is the highest it has been over the past decade. Everywhere the well-being of women and children especially is seriously affected.

You are not alone.

Sharing your experience and how you feel about it will help to manage the feelings of isolation. Knowing that a lot of us out there are listening to you, caring about you, and recognising that your situation is not your fault can help you find your own voice.

You are not alone.

This blog is about your own story. You can tell it as it is. You can express your feelings, your beliefs, your hopes or your fears, your anger or your pain. Because your voice should be heard. And hearing your voice might help other women, men and children understand that you and they are not alone.

So here is how this work. You can post a text, drawing, vlog, anything you like in the comments box about your experience of domestic violence under Lockdown. In your post you can talk about the contrast in your situation between what things were like before and what they are like now. Or maybe now is a good time to talk about violence that happened in the past. Or to write about your concerns about others.

All comments and stories are anonymous, there is no need to use your real name or identify others. But it is very important that you use your own words and work. If you are including someone else’s work, please let us know.

by Nicole Fayard, speakingoutexhibition

By Carol Cluer

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Artwork by Carol Cluer

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Personal safety: you are allowed to leave your home if you need to because of domestic volence during lockdown.

If you are in immediate danger or you know someone who is, please contact 999 and the police will respond.

You can also ring the helplines numbers below for help and advice.